RE: RE: Venison's deer, isn't it? by Martin Toneri in disguise - written 08/10/2009 17:58:39
Dear SoccaSocSec,

I believe you have my email address down as rather than (which it is)

Can I please ask you to correct this unfortunate misunderstanding as I would very much like to hear how the night went. I quietly decided to leave early you see.

Yours Eagerly,

Hawthorn wrote (08/10/2009 15:27:16):

naw you won't

Snakebitethief wrote (08/10/2009 08:48:30):

Yo, hope everyone enjoyed themselves last night, or at least just got thoroughly binned... check your ladmail for a social report. Also, I'll try and get the fact that it says Hurrah Hurrah On our homepage sorted. I think that's what happens when a countdown timer reaches zero. It looks a bit too rugbyish though. See you in lectures. x