SNIMS teams and other info by Andrew (10 in the last two days) Past Hall - written 11/10/2009 23:57:19
Evening Lads.

-Mind Jacob's e-mail that you should receive tomorrow detailing the squads for the coming week. BE SURE TO CONFIRM WHETHER YOU CAN OR CANNOT PLAY.

-Mind Michael 'Running Man' Diver's email about our first Thursday night fitness session. It should only be an hour or so, therefore the full SNIMS squad will be expected to attend.

-Mind the match report for today's late kickoff against the Swingers - it will be posted tomorrow.

-Make sure you KEEP CHECKING your email/eumfc forum for team sheets etc. An unnamed (turtle) found out an hour before kickoff that he was jew to start at LB and had to run a sub-20 5k to get his kit.

Fithly (and excitingly):

The 2 teams set to challenge for SNIMS glory are as follows:

***Edinburgh Jacobites
Bruce McLintock

Matt Gillespie
Martin Macdonald
Gregor Young

Jacob Hawthorn
Mikey Hopkins
Paul MeGeehan
Jamie Campbell
Mike Diver

Louis Chalmers
Razz Golay

***Edinburgh City Hall (name subject to change)
Andrew Hall

Chris Ward
Mark Pringle
Rob Noble
Ryan Ellis

Nick Browning
Nick Allen
Neil Wicks
Simon McSheaffrey

Patrick Kearns
Dan Pugh

(-team names courtesy of Mr L Chalmers)

There will be a warm-up game between the 2 SNIMS teams this Saturday (17th) at Noon on the Meadows. The squad we have this year is VERY strong and EUMFC could well go on to win it and have the tournament back on home soil (Peffermill? 11 a-side? Kismot? Yes please) next year. We reckon playing together as the 7 a-side teams that will be travelling up there will put us at a huge advantage. GET IN TOUCH IF YOU CANNOT MAKE IT - DO IT NOW, we'll try to figure something else out.  (other lads welcome to come along as well, but the main point is to prepare for the challenge up north).

League (£15) and SNIMS (£20) fees will be collected from everyone who has yet to reimburse Jacob and me on Thursday night and Saturday. Or give us it any time in between. Howay lads, it came out of our own pockets!

Word from the 'deen is that NON-players attending SNIMS must also pay £20. The vast majority of the fee goes to the slap up meal, drinks and club entry, with very very little of it going to pitch hire. Can the LADS planning on joining Cairter on the touchline please get back to me ASAP so I can tell the organisers the number of people heading up.

Sorry for a long email, lads, but it's all important stuff.
Make sure you get the appropriate responses back to me, and get to a cashpoint for your fees!

I'll leave you with some inspiration to take onboard before SNIMS:

Ashley Out! Ashley Out!

Andrew x