Latest Internships and Learnerships Jobs Careers Vacancies by Sarah George - written 11/06/2019 17:46:36

When it comes to get experience after completing your study, you will have to join the Learnerships in order to get valuable experience in the relevant field of study. The residents of South Africa mostly go for the Learnership Jobs, Internship Jobs, Bursaries 2020, Scholarships, Graduate Programs, etc to get valuable experience in the relevant field of study. I have been describing about these opportunities or career offers, so that you could easily select the exact career as per your requirements.

Learnership Jobs:

The New Learnerships or Learnership Program is a special training program, where you learn in a specific way. You go through different procedures and tasks to learn the tips and tricks of your field. The company engage you under the team of experts to learn new skills. During the Learnership, the company don’t pay you stipend, and you will be working with zeal and zest to gain experience.

Internship Jobs:

The Internships are mostly available for interns worldwide. When you complete your study, you go for the Internship Programme in order to get experience as well as stipend. During the Internship Training Programme, you get valuable experience as well as some finance to manage your expenses.

Graduate Programme:

The Graduate Programmes are only for the people with Graduation or Post Graduation Degree. If you have done your graduation, you should go for the Graduate Development Programme in order to get special experience in your relevant field of study. These Graduate Training Jobs are also called the Graduate Jobs, where you can learn special skills.

Bursaries and Scholarships:

The Bursary Programme is a special training job, where the bursary providing company will be managing your educational finance. When it comes to the student financing, mostly students look for Latest Scholarships 2020 as well as Bursaries.


The Apprenticeship is an exclusive Internship Programme or Traineeship, where you learn technical skills. The people related to the Engineering or Technical field mostly go for the Apprenticeship Jobs or Apprenticeship Training to gain valuable experience in the relevant field of study.